About the King and Me

The King and Me is a two-hander musical comedy with the book written by Dave Warner and featuring nine original songs in a rock-country style by Dave Warner and Martin Cilia. Runtime: 65 minutes.


A hack cabaret performer has forty-eight hours to transform his life and win back Elvis’ soul from the devil.


Hack performer Craig Nelson’s life is going nowhere except down. Leanne, his wife of twenty-five years has recently left him, his audience is more interested in Keno than his songs, yet, drawing inspiration from his idol Elvis Presley, he never quite loses hope.

One night a mysterious woman, Elvira, turns up at his door suggesting she can help him win the high- profile King of Kings “soul of Elvis” competition at the casino and thereby reclaim his wife.  After some doubts, he agrees to follow her regime which involves confronting his own artistic ability, or lack thereof.  Elvira claims to have insider knowledge of Elvis because of her father working as his bodyguard but when a TV news item reveals “Elvira” is in fact the corpse of a woman who died two days previous, she is forced to come clean and admit she is, in fact, The King. Having given up his soul in order to become the biggest star of all time, Elvis now has a double-or-nothing bet with the devil. If he can get Craig to win the King of Kings competition he gets his soul back, otherwise he will be confined to level ten, the most abysmal recess of hell.

Craig accepts the challenge. Over the course of forty-eight hours he is forced to question everything he thought was certain in his life.  He discovers that while Elvis might be a ghost now, deep down he is as human as Craig with as many self-doubts and flaws.  Craig and Elvira form the ultimate odd-couple with a common goal: to help themselves by helping each other.



Writer/composer/performer:  Dave Warner

An award winning novelist and songwriter, Dave Warner has written for all arms of popular entertainment.   His feature films include Cut, starring Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue, and Garage Days for I Robot director, Alex Proyas.

Dave has written for many TV shows including Packed to the Rafters, Rescue Special Ops, Wild Boys, McLeod’s Daughters and Sea Patrol.  He is also a popular author having written six non-fiction books as well as number of adult and children’s novels.  Dave won the WA Premier’s Award for his novel City of Light.  His new crime novel Before it Breaks will be published in June 2015.

As well as a working behind the scene as a writer Dave has worked in the trenches as a performer.  Dave began his creative life as a musician/songwriter, most notably with his ground-breaking band Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs. Bob Dylan once nominated Dave as his favourite Australian songwriter and Dave was awarded the RAM songwriter of the year in 1978.  Dave has recorded nine albums of original material including the gold record Mugs Game.

Dave’s other plays include Sixties and All That Pop (1983) Planet Pres (aka Blast 1085) and Crash (1987).  He has also done stand-up and sketch comedy, on-screen acting, and been a radio commentator for the Sydney Swans.

For a more complete rundown on Dave’s accomplishments visit www.davewarner.com.au

Martin Cilia

2013-Martin-Cilia-WEB-squareWhile Martin is recognised internationally as a maestro of the surf-guitar, he is capable of playing in all styles and is one of Australia leading and most versatile guitarists.  Besides his own surf guitar albums and his work with surf legends The Atlantics, Martin plays with iconic Aussie bands Mental as Anything and Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs. Martin and Dave have been composing music for many years for a variety of projects. In conjunction with Sony music they recorded sixteen different cds of AFL club songs. They have also written soundtrack songs for internationally released television movies and numerous songs in the rock-country style.

For a more complete rundown on Martin visit www.martincilia.com